President's Message

Donald Corry


Welcome to the website of the Pennsylvania Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers.

Since its inception in 1967 the Council has endeavored to advance the field of juvenile justice. In the early days, the Council was focused on establishing the profession of juvenile probation while distinguishing it from the Department of Public Welfare (DPW). The express purpose of the Council was to develop and promote juvenile probation services in Pennsylvania, which remains a central tenet of todays Council. In 1968, the Council's influence was instrumental in the passage of Senate Bill 677, transferring grant authority from DPW to the Juvenile Court Judges Commission (JCJC). Since that time, the Council and JCJC have enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership.

Upcoming Events


General Membership Meeting

Room Block Code - G-PS24

Reservation Cut Off Date - 8/28/24

Executive Committee Meeting

Room Block Code - G-PO24

Reservation Cut Off Date - 9/26/24

General Membership Meeting

Room Block Code - G-PN24

Reservation Cut Off Date - 11/7/24

Recent News

February 16, 2023

Blair County Chief Retires

December 5, 2022

McKean County Chief Retires